Statement on our goals

We, the former staff of The Red & Black — all of its editors and the great majority of its writers, photographers and designers — will continue to produce content driven by and for our audience: the University students and members of the Athens community. It is our hope that issues of prior review, student representation on the board and the role of board member Ed Stamper will be resolved. Prior review, where a non-student professional would have final veto over all editorial content before publication, is not an option: it inhibits the teaching process, preventing student journalists from learning from both their successes and mistakes. But it is the opinion of The Red & Black’s board that allowing students to make these mistakes as learning journalists will drive away readers. We disagree — and it is our hope that these issues are resolved quickly so that student-driven and student-approved content can continue to be the priority of The Red & Black Publishing Company, as it has been for more than a century.


8 thoughts on “Statement on our goals

  1. Folks, I stand in support of your justifiable walkout. nearly 20 years ago while in College at Radford, I ran into a similar event. My response was to quit and start an independent newspaper which nearly killed the school paper, in readership, editorial quality and advertising. Change is good and sometimes the best answer is to pool resources and efforts and take the fight directly to them. Hit em where it hurts and be willing to do whatever it takes to illustrate that a lack of faith on their part does not constitute a lack of ability on yours. Best Wishes…

  2. You lot are badass, and don’t listen to anybody who tells you differently. As a former R&B photog and (albeit briefly) photo editor, I’m all at once ashamed of what the board has done and proud of the student journalists who have taken a bold move against them.

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  4. Supporters of the students, journalism and education should start a BOYCOTT of all Red & Black advertisers.

    • That’s actually a really terrible idea. What did the advertisers themselves do to the former R&B staff in this situation, other than simply exist?

  5. By reading the R&B for some time, I can tell their highest paying advertisers are branches of UGA and bars. I’m sure UGA students wouldn’t boycott those things. UGA is their current college and the bars are what help them stay in the #1 party school status. Let’s get real here. Maturity and frankness are needed from both sides.

  6. Hats off to you guys and girls from a Grady alumi (ABJ, ’77). Unfortunately, journalism appears to be a dying profession…corporatized, sanitized, sensational, shallow, and controlled, all in the name of ratings and readership (and even then with mixed results). I have seen all of things in the “real” world of broadcast journalism and print outlets.
    You will fight those battles soon enought…it is in the “play” world of college one learns the moves, makes the mistakes, sharpens the skills for realilty. You need an ‘advisor’ to avoid STUPID mistakes like libel and slander…but editorial control should rest within those who are attempting the learn and tame the beast.
    You may just be a rear guard action in the war, but fight…you may be the tip of the sword that keeps the profession alive.
    Hang tough, Dawgs.

  7. I think you guys need a new name. It looks like it is the old “Red and Black” that is dead, whereas you are very much alive. Long live the New R & B!

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