Board member information

Many have requested a list of the board members. This list was taken from the “About” section of The Red & Black website.

The Red and Black is governed by the following volunteer board of directors:

Elliott Brack, President, Chairman of the Board, Norcross, Georgia
Melita Easters, Vice President, Atlanta, Georgia
Chris Stone, Secretary, Nolensville, Tennessee
Don Carter, Sea Island, Georgia
Carroll Dadisman, Tallahassee, Florida
Amy Glennon, Atlanta, Georgia
Bill Krueger, Raleigh, North Carolina
Ron Lane, Athens, Georgia
Kent Middleton, Athens, Georgia
Harry Montevideo, Treasurer, Publisher
Burgett Mooney, Rome, Georgia
Charles Russell, Atlanta, Georgia
Alexis Scott, Atlanta, Georgia
Ed Stamper, Norcross, Georgia
Patricia Templeton, Atlanta, Georgia
Liz Thorington, Atlanta, Georgia

Also from the website:
“Finances and how we operate: The Red and Black newspaper is operationally and financially independent from the University of Georgia. The paper receives no student activity fees or other funding from UGA. The paper is self sufficient through the sale of advertising.
Our purpose: Our two-fold mission is: to provide a training ground for students interested in gaining experience in various aspects of newspaper publishing and to produce a high quality newspaper for the University of Georgia community.
Who owns us: As a 501 (C) (3) not-for-profit corporation.”


3 thoughts on “Board member information

  1. Based on the purpose stated, it seems you guys are at a place to either leave or adhere to this purpose. If your advisers feel that these changes will bring a better quality newspaper, perhaps it’s time to eat crow. HOWEVER, I do agree that they should ADVISE you how to do this with the new professionals NOT completely dictate. …or stay gone and allow other students a chance that you are giving up. Just because they weren’t recruited already doesn’t make them any less brilliant than you are brilliant. So don’t assume that anyone coming after you is a “scab”.

  2. I have a fundamentally different view on the matter than many who might be involved or interested. Some might see the Red and Black as a business. Some might see it as a journalistic co-op/lab/internship designed to get employees jobs. Myself, being old-fashioned, I see it, even in its independent state, as a student extracurricula activity. Which means it is there so students can broaden their education and be more well-rounded, can learn the art of running things, and can have fun in doing so.

    If the numbers I have seen regarding salaries are true, then the underlying reason behind the recent moves becomes clear, or at least to me. When a Board member makes $190k/annum off of an enterprise, and the ability of that enterprise to support that kind of financial expenditure in the future becomes uncertain, then it is not beyond the pale to at least postulate that the main fundamental reason for a change could be to simply keep a gravy train rolling, and if this means a perversion of the intent behind the organization, so be it–as long as the money keeps coming in.

    In other words, salary carts get put before education horses. Do I think that is the case here?


    But it may not be. Standard disclaimer, and one I also believe coud be true–though 190k/annum (if the numbers I have seen are true, which they might not be) is more than the base pay of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Kinda hard to replace that kind of salary.

    Be all this as it may be, the key goal here should be not that the Red and Black never change, or continue forever as it was–but that students have the same educational opportunity as before–education via student-ran activities, an experiece vital to the development of the yeomen citizenry of a Republic who will be called upon in the future to run things in their local communities and who will need to have the discernment necessary to make independent judgment calls regarding the direction of the American commonweal. The goal should not be that the Red and Black continue paying salaries at the same levels to Board members to the end of the age, nor that it should be merely a co-op assignment without collegiate credit designed to help a student get a job.

    The Red and Black should, above all else, be what other student groups should be. It is my decided view that student-ran extracurricula activities are the training grounds of a self-governing Republic, where the future proprietors of the American Experiment first earn their wings by truly running things themselves for the first time.

    It is a vital exercise, because the future proprietors must have both the confidence that they can run things, and the wisdom to know things can go wrong if they do not make the correct decisions. Both things are gained by students running activities themselves, and the experience can not be gained as richly if they act under close supervision. They simply must be able to rise and fall on their own if the lesson is to have any import, and failure can be a better teacher than success.

    Therefore, when these two goals come into conflict, as they are seeming to do here–the business goal, and the citizen-education goal–is the money-making side that must yield. Always.

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