Ed Stamper’s apology

Here’s the apology from Ed Stamper.


6 thoughts on “Ed Stamper’s apology

  1. “It is personally embarrassing to have the public see a document to I gave little thought and so carelessly worded.” Is he referring to the original memo or this equally poorly written statement?

    • I hope when the actors are taking into accounts injurious it is noted that the memo draft and recent apology of Ed Stamper demonstrate that he is not a writer and claim he is not a journalist.

      These two salient facts explain how many were offended by his form and how all were offended by his apparent misconceptions regarding journalistic ethics, intents and purposes.

      I would not ask my auto mechanic for medical advice and if my mechanic offered I would politely decline. Mr. Stamper seems to have realized his initial error and tendered his resignation.

      It is difficult to see why anyone would bear him any further ill will.

      Better to seek answers of the entire board especially with regard to the appointment of an over-arching non-student editor, an act indefensible on its face and beneficent of a greater problem, a board that is being wrongly influenced from within or without.

      Gosh I hope everyone gets back on their jobs, except that Harry fellow. He lacks the dignity and restraint that he may have once had to attain his post.

  2. I count up to 8 errors in Stamper’s less-than-one-page apology. The last sentence is a masterpiece of irony. This raises questions in my mind about the competence of The Red & Black board of directors. We’ve got one board member (outgoing) who cannot write a professional one-page document even when it is not a draft, but instead is a very public, widely disseminated statement. There’s no excuse for that. We have another board member, the publisher, who, had he been a UGA faculty member in a UGA classroom, would have been in clear violation of USG conduct codes during Friday’s altercation. Finally, the air of secrecy and scapegoating surrounding the Board’s words and actions has been an embarrassment to all concerned. Who *are* these people on the board, and why are they on it? Any more not-ready-for-prime-time skeletons in the closets up on Baxter? Inquiring minds want to know a lot more.

  3. Why does Harry make so much money working at a student newspaper? He could not make that much in the free market economy. Maybe the board should look for new more economical and reationale leadership for that paper. True housecleaning starts at the top and works its way down.

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