Man On The Street: Gun Control


The University of Georgia does not allow weapons of any kind, even with a legal permit, to be carried on your person or in living quarters on campus. Students were asked whether this makes them feel more or less safe while at UGA.

Sabrina Lewis
Junior, Public Relations, Peachtree City

“It makes me feel more safe. I don’t know the legal age, but I don’t think younger people should be allowed to have weapons. They may not be mature enough to make good decisions.”

Joe Halligan
Senior, Biology, Savannah

“Although criminals may be deterred to some extent, I would feel less safe with as many students as there are at UGA carrying guns, even if they don’t have a criminal record.”

Taylor Lawrence
Sophomore, undecided, Savannah

“Probably more safe. I don’t have one. I would feel less safe with everyone else having one on campus. I think having them banned keeps us all on the same playing field.”

John Ashton
Junior, Accounting, Thomasville

“It makes me feel less safe. People who get robbed are less likely to get hurt if they have a gun, and you’re also just less likely to get robbed if someone knows you have a weapon. If I have a legal permit in Georgia, it shouldn’t change when I’m on UGA’s campus.”Edna Fuentes
Junior, Animal Health, Woodstock”It makes me feel more safe. There could be a ton of people walking around with guns when they’re not even evaluated well when they get one.”

Anna Tucker
Freshman, Pre-Journalism, Richmond, Va.

“Since I live in a dorm, I don’t ever feel threatened, but if I lived somewhere other than a dorm and I was used to having a weapon, I would feel less comfortable if all of the sudden I couldn’t have one.”


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