RAW: Grady Newsource Reporter removal from Red & Black

This article is from Grady Newsource:

“The incident that broke out at The Red & Black this afternoon involved Publisher Harry Montevideo and Grady Newsource Reporter Joshua Buce.

Buce first arrived at the paper’s office to compose a story about the advertised “open house discussion.” Visitors and other reporters came from as far as Virginia to attend. Red & Black officials told Buce and others that an official statement would be made at 2:00 p.m. Buce left the building to gather shots of the editorial staff arriving for the meeting. He later re-entered the building and made his way upstairs…”

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5 thoughts on “RAW: Grady Newsource Reporter removal from Red & Black

  1. Melita Easters needs to go, too. The fact that she is now backing up claims that the confrontation was faked, despite video evidence to the contrary, is cynical and shameful. The meeting was billed as ”open” and it should have been open to anyone — students, non-students AND reporters — and the fact that a media outlet is trying to shut out other members of the media is appalling. Harry ”The Manhandler” Montevideo (because he needs his own wrestling nickname after yesterday, right?) is so out of touch he never realized that technology now enables everyone to be a reporter — so banning the media didn’t mean his actions would go unreported or that there wouldn’t be photographic evidence. (Just like the students leaving the building and the R&B’s advertising behind doesn’t mean they can’t still produce outstanding digital journalism. Welcome to 2012, Harry.) The whole board needs to be refreshed with new members and the student leaders need to be reinstated with none of this BS about reapplying, The only person who should be forced to apply for a job is The Manhandler — and that job should be elsewhere.

  2. No matter who said what, Montevideo initiated the physical confrontation. A professor who behaved like that would be severely disciplined, and rightly so. His behavior is indefensible.

  3. Redanddead, congratulations on winning the concessions from R&B that you deserve. You fought the good fight for good journalism practices over maximizing advertising revenues. However, when you posted R&B’s tax forms, you laid bare Harry Montevideo’s pay package. It is an outrageous pay package that is not market standard for small nonprofit student newspapers, nor anywhere close.

    This is a big story, because it strongly suggests a motive for the memo and many subsequent actions, and also because it strongly suggests nonprofit fraud.

    I hope you will also continue to report on this story, despite the difficulty and unpleasantness it will certainly cause. That would truly be courageous journalism.

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