Statement on Ed Morales

We want to clarify that we respect Ed Morales and his role as editorial adviser. He has been a wonderful resource for us throughout the years. We valued and respected his opinion and advice.

We don’t believe these changes to be his decisions but that he related them to us.

However, we strongly feel having a position such as that of the editorial director, which would oversee all student-produced editorial content prior to publication, takes away the editorial power from students in a student publication.


14 thoughts on “Statement on Ed Morales

  1. Hmmm… typos and usage – the VERY constructs on which R&B is trying to improve its products. When you learn to produce your copy using proper standardized American English, perhaps a discussion of your merits is in order. Until then, LEARN TO USE YOUR COMPUTER AND YOUR FINGERS CORRECTLY!!!!

  2. Using all caps in a post denotes shouting. This from all popular resources on the subject. It is my intent to shout my statement, not to passively let my thoughts wash down the river of indifference.

  3. Perhaps once all news publications are able to entirely eradicate spelling errors, we may be able to use typos to suggest journalists are without merit.

    Until that day, however, let’s just say that to err is human, no?

  4. Let’s all zero in on the least important element of this post, shall we? I’m heartened to learn that the R&B’s once-and-future staffers respect and appreciate Ed Morales and are willing to continue working with him as their advisor. It’s yet another demonstration of their maturity.

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