Our continuing concerns

We realize there has been a lull in the information flow and we apologize. We are going to continue to be transparent and keep interested parties informed via Twitter, Facebook and our website.

While we are excited about the discussion with the board on Friday and thankful for their openness, we realize nothing has been put into writing yet, including two of our three concerns. We have heard not anything specific from the board on prior review although Ed Morales said on Friday it would not be enforced. We were informed of two student seats on the board, but have since learned these seats do not have voting rights (being ex officio seats). Also, we have yet to receive a copy of the bylaws, which we were told would be given to us. We are entitled to these documents since they are public record and The Red & Black is required by law to make them available at the institution’s headquarters. The board has changed the title of Ed Morales from editorial director to editorial adviser but his duties have not been changed.

Saying this, we are confident the board will resume the open and frank discussion began Friday starting tomorrow and we look forward to resolving these concerns, starting with the election of Polina and Julia to their prior positions of EIC and ME. The pair will interview at 4 p.m. tomorrow. We haven’t been told which board members or how many will be attending the interview.


4 thoughts on “Our continuing concerns

  1. As the old saying goes, “Trust ’em as far as you can throw ’em.” An organization that will not release its own bylaws to its own employees is not playing fair. Watch “Harlan County USA” before going to the meeting. Whose side are they on? It should be obvious.

  2. Why is the 501c3 in violation of the rule that requires them to keep a copy of the corporate bylaws at their place of business? Dr. Middleton is a member of the board who has now officially shown support for your cause. Doesn’t he have a copy of the bylaws, and if not, can’t he request them and be furnished a copy without delay?

    Looking forward to the results of your meeting this afternoon! With any luck, Harry spent the weekend spiffing up his resume. (And perhaps finally consulted a grammar reference book on the difference between correct usage of “me” and “myself.”) But be careful…. he is mortally wounded in terms of credibility, and that makes him a more dangerous adversary than ever before.

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